Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Trickling water

Did you miss our little petty talks, and the brief moments we spent together?
About the little things we had in common, and the little things we share?

Maybe it was me, who had been thinking too much.
It was me, who had assumed so deeply until the truth was not very kind to me.

I smile alone, because I thought life was kind to me.
I smiled in silence, because I thought now there was something to look forward to each day.
I smiled in tears, because I thought these were all illusions to me.
But I smile to myself, because I know something happened before.

Sometimes I could look forward to each night, I could dream of the things I could never own.
The things I wanted an the things I yearn would all be mine.
But daybreak would eventually come, and everything would be as before.
It has become a habit I guess, to follow the order of things already being set.
To only look from afar and not understand what is it like.

So now I could only wait, until time slips away and trickles like water.
To wait is a hard thing to do, but everything is out of my league now.
There are still the other hundred thousand things to do.
Love can still wait.

Life does not stop for anybody. So why should I?

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