Sunday, June 14, 2009

I will run to you because you're my truth

Went over to Hao Min's house for the roast pig party thing. :)
Was quite reluctant to go at first, but mum was a very persistent woman.
So I did go and it sort of felt awkward at first, but it turned out okayy.
Talked a little, ate a little, then watched yes man a little.
Then, we head out to the field to play basketball.
It's been a long time since I've played basketball. Hahaa.
Had fun.
Mum sort of did me a favour.
I know Hao Min's little secret. Hahaa.

Now I'm waiting for people to arrive to arrive so we could practice our song.
I'm excited as hell.

Saw the Estee Lauder model search thingi again in 1u yesterday.
Most of the contestants are about my age or so.
I could tell it from their face.
People with big dreams. :)
Wonder if she's joining it again this year?

Finally got to watch maid of honour.
It was sweet.

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