Sunday, June 28, 2009

This faith has become obsolete

Tranformers yesterday night at Trop City Mall.
I wanna watch it again.

the whole movie nearly consisted of only one song.
Numb and New Divide still sound the dame.

OMGGG. Hahaa. I am in love with all the autobots and decepticons.
Bumble bee was super cute at the beginning.
He cried oil. Lols.

I still think Leo and the ex-army guy was really really funny.
" I am below enemy scrotum "

and one more...

" this would be the best moment of my life, but it will be better if you weren't lying above my testicles "

But still the show would be best if people in front of me weren't busy making out.
Get your own movie.

Here's to make up for the sudden writer's block for many many months.
I guess somehow the show inspired me. Or was it the book I read at border's??

these dreams of mine
were so refined
within them they hide
unending inside

to watch the glimmer pool of suns
dawning away like yellow buns
and with distances crawling away
to will this yearning burden, stay

i write with words of reason
devoured by sanity and high treason
sifting time away like sand
and together will we write out our end

I don't think it was very good. But I guess it's still readable.
here's one more.

the little truths unevidently shared
was too much less none have cared
enclosed upon the life they wither
barred away the choices they hinder

so calmly, so discreet they whisper within
this saint, this lord who silently crept in
the darkened day left little choice
to beseech the unending singing voice

without the words, the rest still hides
against the roaring sun, his words it defies
begone will the wind and the sky
unreachable this dark secrets still lie

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