Tuesday, March 8, 2011

you're the poison and you're the cure

wow. I didn't realised how pissed off I was today.

Did the same usual routine with Jia Jia. Made samosas today and went down for break at the designated time.
But we went up later due to a certain movie which became too addictive.
Anyway, went up to finish making the samosas. Then, it was time to go out to serve customers.
The chef in charged called either one of us to go out first.
I was puzzled when he didn't call the both of us like he usually did.
But then I realised SHE was there again.
At the bloody same spot. Doing THAT ONE fucking job that she always fight to do.
Cooking pasta at the spaghetti station.

bitch bitch bitch.

She is always there, even when she doesn't work under the kitchen that operates the spaghetti station.
I hate her and she almost ruined my whole evening.
But I ignored her most of the time and did what I wanted.
Was still a little pissed but I'm trying to contain myself.

I hate feeling like this all the time.
The guys standing infront of her taking pictures of her.
Sometimes standing infront of me while taking her picture.
Maybe I'm just a little low on myself.
I should be strong, and I should not let these things get the better of me.

But sometimes, this feeling sucks. 

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