Tuesday, March 1, 2011

its written in the stars, a million miles away

Leftover pictures from here and there.
I can't wait to go home. I know I've fought with my mummy, but of course who could live without one.
MUMMY ! I MISS YOU !    :)

So anyway, 12 more days to bear and then home home home.
Too many things have changed recently without my knowledge and I want to go home for stories.

Went to Gurney Plaza on my off day today. Bought a pair of shorts.
Its the start of a new me.
Well, bought lots of other stuff.
Half of my face is being devoured by mosquito and I hate those little red bumps all over.
Looks bloody disgusting. Hope the meds I bought works.
I hate them mosquitoes. URGH.

Till then. Work tomorrow. 

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