Monday, March 7, 2011

why does everything have to be so difficult?

There's so much I want to rant about today.

Firstly, is the room I rented. I am already so pissed off with the landlady and she is being a bitch.
I don't understand how she is able to run a guesthouse if she could bring so much trouble to a guest.
fuck her.
When work is done, and I am sweaty and tired. The electricity is gone and then I can't do anything.
They ask me to change my room for the night so they could try to figure out the problem.
Don't they understand how bloody troublesome it is to move here and there.
fuck her.
I'd wish her business won't survive.

Next, I'm going to complain about the hotel.
I feel like the management and the people are terrible.  
Management first, there are actually politics going on within the hotel itself.
I mean, come on. It's just two different kitchen under the same hotel.
And the kitchen is linked together.
Apparently, the chef director has war against the chef in the fine dining restaurant kitchen.
I mean, fuck lah. Why do they have to be so stuck up with each other, and end up pulling everyone  else down.
What do they gain by being angry with each other. 
What do they have to lose if they just claim peace.
Because I know a girl who really wants to learn, and she wants to move from the buffet kitchen to the fine dining kitchen. But that's almost impossible for her.
WHY? Because if she moves, the chef director will bring every worker with him to hate her.
And they will backstab her despite the long hours she has put into working in the buffet kitchen.
All she wants was to learn something new. She is still a student after all.
Why put her through all that unnecessary trouble?

And then there's the workers with all their greedy and stuck up attitudes as well.
People are working hard, trying to work fast and efficient to please the guest.
Trainees are working the long hours for free and we're not complaining because it's all for the sake of studying. But the staff in the hotel itself makes it so difficult to move with the flow.
We'd get stuck sometimes, because they care more about the extra income they get directly from the customers rather than completing the work they've started on.

Are the ethics no longer present in people nowadays?

You work to earn a living.
You work with a passion to please other people.
You work, so satisfy yourself, to tell yourself by the end of each day that you've made a day of your life worth living.
It's simple really. If you hate your job so much then just quit already.
You don't have to lug people around you, or try to show your superiority by ordering them around.
Sometimes, we need help too. But is it so much of an order if we ask you to help?
It is your restaurant. Your workplace.
And it is your job to keep the flow moving.

I am done. 

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