Monday, March 14, 2011

I've been good all my life but now I'm thinking what the hell

Avril's new song totally fits my new self right now.
Got another makeover. Again.
I've been trying to change parts of me here and there lately.
To do things I know I will regret. But what the heck.

I just realized you're only young once. So seize every chance you get.
And I am going crazy trying every new thing, and telling myself change is good.

I have changed, a lot ever since I've started my training. Have been mentioning this a lot on my blog lately.
But hey, I'm slowly embracing the new me.   :)
I'm excited and super hyped up with coming home fearless and proud.
Proud of what I have accomplished so far, and proud of what I have discovered throughout these short months that I was here.
No longer do I wish I could grow up faster, no longer do I was I looked older or wish I could do all the things grown ups do.
The journey up is tiring, and we are all still climbing whether we like it or not.
I just wish I could slow down the process and really enjoy my life.
NO more regrets, NO more being afraid or worried over every little thing.
For now, I want to live and have all the fun I can.

I won't think about him, and I won't think about the past.
I won't think about the future, and I won't think about the rest.
I will just bask in the present and embrace every new thing that comes my way.

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