Saturday, March 12, 2011

till then end, we'll dance

I came to express how excited I am that today is my last day of training.
Finally got my internship certification of completion and I am even more excited by that.
Had supper session with the kids at E&O and we talked until it was 1 something in the morning.
I hate it when we are just getting closer to each other, I have to leave so soon. It sucks !
But that fact that my nightmares are over and I could resume my study life revives me and got me all hyped up.
And I just can't wait to see everyone back at college and hear their own internship stories.
Because, I have tons to share.      :)

Tsunami news yesterday was massive and everyone was practically glued to the tv watching the news live during dinner hour.
It was so scary and so depressing and the cities around Japan are all on red alert.
Even we are on alert eventhough reaching penang is a litttle impossible.
but there's nothing wrong with being aware right.

People are dying everywhere. Take a chance in life and regret nothing. 

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