Saturday, March 5, 2011

so anxious with waiting

cappucino in my room.   :)

Have suddenly fell in love with water chestnuts. 
Trying not to eat so much these few days. 
Running low on cash. 
I'd rather starve than refrain from buying a new piece of clothing. 
How ironic.

 Some cakes served at the buffet table.
Was stationed at the grill area and the smoke almost killed my eyes.
Was sniffing and tearing non-stop.
It became so bad that I had to leave for the washroom during peak hours.
Embarrasing nia. 

Can't wait to finish my internship and go home. 
I'm being eaten alive by mosquitoes here. 
My face has become polka-dotish.

 Matcha ice cream from the hotel.
Its a wonder why I'm still not sick of eating it. 
It's absolutely yummy! loves. 

I just can't stop staring at the verandah. The view can be so soothing and peaceful.   :)

Until then. 7 more days and counting. 

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