Friday, March 11, 2011

It's like I've grown older and wiser

I just realised that I had THAT much things going on in my mind. And for once in almost two months, I felt so relieved to finally be able to let them out to a friend.

It felt good to hear the words being said back to me. To remind me of who I was in the past. And to realise how much I've changed throughout this short period of time. I've discovered my passion and learn to correct the faults  that were eating me away before I was here.

But now I know, what should remain and what should be improved upon.
And I will return stronger and more confident in myself.

Life has been somewhat like hell for me during my internship. But at least there were some good parts in it.
Like laughing around with other trainees or having someone praising me for my work and dedication.
I aim to please, and I strive to do the best that I can to make everyone happy.
I do my best. But sometimes, my best is just not enough for others.

There is so much that I want to talk about. So much to rant and so much to let go.
And I still amaze myself at the extent of secrets that I could keep to myself.
The thoughts that eat away at me.

So, I hope when I return. Life would resume as they were
And maybe it would be better.

two more days to go. 

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