Sunday, March 13, 2011

like falling stars over my head

pictures here and there. 
taken during the second  last day of my internship training.
Managed to retrieve my certificate of completion.    :)
Makes me feel accomplished.

Kak Yati !
My absolutely awesome certificate.

Loo Jia Jia being the lamo as usual.

Macaroons are awesome !

Purple car !!
Was eating lunch with Yi Ling at a nearby cafe and some people were taking pictures of us.
What tha fark !
It was so weird. And they were definately taking pictures/video of us cause when we turned behind us there was nothing special. And they mentioned two girls eating. Weirdo sial !
Luckily they left and we could eat our lunch in peace.
One day of baby sitting almost killed me. 
But he's shoo cute !!

Worked through my last day yesterday and I had so much fun.
Laughed like crazy aunties and made so much noise that everyone was looking.
But no one was complaining. I guess we were quite entertaining.
Joanne and I were singing along to the group of singers that sings in the hotel every friday and saturday night,
and then the lead singer came towards us and started to ask us to sing along and clap with him.
Joanne was like clapping so loudly and we tried to sing aloud.
It was so random and we had fun. 

One of the guests were taking pictures of Jia Jia, Joanne and I and most of the time it felt so awkward.
Jia Jia was like a superstar every night but who could blame her.  :)
We played along and it was one of the best nights of my life.

Had supper and went back to my place for gossip sessions. 

I'm going to miss them so so badly. 

My card. teehee. 

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