Monday, March 21, 2011

little red riding hood went through the path that no one else would

Went on a crazy driving frenzy today. 
Drove to my secondary school, and walked by a gang of boisterous looking teenagers to look for my old documents. And no, they don't remind me of my old school days because there are some parts I wish I could forget. 
Then drove to Taman Tun's Bank Simpanan Nasional to buy the PTPTN loan pin number. 
Went around and around a few times looking for parking. That sucks big time.
And finally, all the way to college just to college the guidelines to the PTPTN loan. BAHHH. 

College is crazy now. Everywhere is full full full. 
Every available space within the college grounds is occupied by cars. 
Its like a living nightmare. Driving there is going to be like hell. 

Not only that, I would like to complain about guys who happen to be so annoying. 
Was walking towards my car when a group of guys screamed hello past by me. 
And then they were waving away infront. WTF ?
Anyways, they made a u-turn out and horned at me. THAT IS UNFORGIVABLE.
What the sheet? 

Ignoring that still, I have to walk through mud and rocks on my heels to get to my car. 
That is a really really really big sin. 

Okay. Now that I have seemingly made my point about a very crazy tornado like morning. 
It's time to show you the other side of meee !!    :)

YESSSSS !!!! I couldn't resist blinding you with all my lala pictures. haha.

Please DON'T feel free to laugh, snicker or swear at my pictures. 
It is all for entertainment purposes.   :)

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