Tuesday, May 19, 2009

You are like a star I can only look at from afar.

I can't quite explain how this should go. I'm three trying to figure out everything over again. You were always there on my mind, but I could never know what you are thinking. To only get a glimpse from a distance, and to be close but not as close to knowing you'll always be close by. Wondering who she is, the girl whose life I could never have. Is it so hard trying to understand? Because you could never feel the yearning I have for you. To you, I guess there's no need to know. Because I am not her, and never will be. But just so you know, I'm still trying to let go. I can't wait forever, trying to understand what you're thinking. It wears me out sometimes. And I can't redem to sleep at night, because I'm here tryingo to figure out your thoughts. I'm always saying the sane things again and again, there's nothing else to say isn't it? Because everything always seem to be about you. And now, my perspective is bending towards my will, and I will start deluding myself about something that never hid any other meaning. There delusions will hurt me even more, because somehow I know they where never real. And I'm still convincing myself this is still reality.

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