Monday, May 11, 2009

Beautiful you are

Happy wesak day to all. And Happy mother's day to all mothers including my own. And to my cousin who has just recently gave birth. Amber is awesome. Not that she had done anything yet besides crying and sleeping. But she's cute enough. This laptop is not working as it should so I will just have to make use of it. Anyway, I walked 8 km today. Following the wesak float procession with a bunch of lala chai. Seriously wen I'm not kidding. They were all carrying the dragon and kept acting yeng.... So, now I'm here with two half broken legs, blogging when exams are on Tuesday. sighs. Saw Khai Shen with his KLCC CEO aunty taking pictures of the float. Yes, he did add that in. I'll pot up pictures soon kay, when the I can use back my com and exams are over... I think I could hold on that long, without the net. I'm dead, I really am. Gwen will be at school tomorrow with bloodshot eyes and humongously large eye bags that can actually fit 5 text books inside. Yes, obviously I'm exagerating. Okay, I shall stop crapping further here. Though I would rather do that than study bio all over again. Then theres physics and chem. ARGH!

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