Saturday, May 30, 2009

Believe in me, this life's not always what it seems

People who fail will have the potential of being rich and famous one day.
Don't underestimate their power.

Teacher's day yesterday and Whitney who was suppose to be there did not turn up and Hao Min too. I was the only girl there besides Mei Yin.
Sheesh, thank God for Juat Lee, if not I'll probably bore my skulls off.

Indians can really dance don't they. Hahaa.
They had a performance yesterday and we were practically laughing our heads off when we saw how she dance. Yin Wei said she does not wear a wired bra.
Personally , I think she did not wear a bra at all. :)

The malay dance was okay I guess. They looked like they were frying currypuffs at first.
Then, Yin Yin sang the greatest love of all.
She can sing but I don't think the song really suited her. Poor thing.
She must have thought we were clapping for her when we were really clapping at the two crows kissing behind us.
Yea, so basically we people prefer to watch animals make out rather than watching someone else singing.

Th teachers played musical chairs as usual.
And Jothi won. OMG.
Yes, she was impossible to miss cuz she was wearing this really really white sari.

Gambled with Juat Lee and Chern Yao. *gasps*
And practically wasted half of my day listening to the blasting music from Derrick's amplifier and Playing cards.
Gwen is not good at choi dai di. Will be practicing alot on it. Watch out people.
Surprisingly, Derrick can make a really good potato salad. :)

That somehow sums up my day at school.
Oh, then at Terry's. We had waffles while watching this preview program of edumind.
May consider joining the program.
The guy in Britain's got talent really touched my heart.
When he sang everybody was silent. Stunned.
Who would've thought about that.
Prejudicement... Tsk Tsk....

Gwen can smell strawberry and blueberry from a mile away.
Leaving for Penang this afternoon.
Will be back by Monday.
See ya toots.

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