Wednesday, May 6, 2009

This reminds me of you

Zubaidah officially hates us now.
But I've been a good girl.
Well, only I know that.
mid terms, mid terms, mid terms....

Who she was, what she is,
just ceases to matter now.
Because I could not read your mind,
Because I was left not knowing whether you knew who I was,
Because I'm alone here to decipher this seemingly complicated mind of yours.

This hope starts to fade each day
As I realised that some things just weren't meant to be.
And the more I wish that I was her,
the yearning becomes increasingly addictive.
Because I was addicted to your presence,
but all the while
you were thinking of someone else

I'm still here
staring from afar,
wondering if this was too much to bear.

And if only time would just drift on and let me
forget this painful yearning
for you.

So these words are being left forsaken
as I watch this once raging hope,
slowly fades away
to nothingness.

Went to 1u with Wen Dee for some present shopping just now.
Walked up and down for stuff.
She can be really fussy for a present buyer. :)
Most people would probably just buy it for the sake of buying it.
We were at Topaz to buy the tribal band thingi for her friend and then...

*dum dum dum*

I saw this ring with a silver butterfly encrusted upon it......

Gwen was in love.
And it fitted her finger perfectly.
Too bad she didn't have the money.
Nor did she have a special reason to buy it.
So she left the ring under the glass drawer hoping nobody will buy it..
Until she comes back to get it. :)

But... if you really are looking for something to please me.
This is your chance. *hint hint*
Although Wen Dee did say that I should just hint to this very very VERY generous person.
And she wasn't THAT generous after all.

Vienna bagels are goood.

Whitney, cheer up okayy.
Smile yo.
He'll come around.

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