Saturday, May 2, 2009

Everything is different now

Ronald Mcdonald gone emo style. =]
Or has he always been this way??

Was busy with moral project and all yesterday and then went for add maths tuition.
So much for labour day.
Pretty much completed every project given except for the upcoming add maths project.
And that is already provided.

Exams are coming.
Can't help reminding myself that.
I am still procrastinating and I think that I need a great big slap to wake me up.

To you,
First and foremost,
Happy one week anni ! :)
I have to tell you this,
although it might hurt, alot.
It has been a week already.
And I've tried for you because I believe in your persistence.
But I cannot keep lying to myself,
pretending something I don't believe in.
I don't love you.
And I don't feel the same way as you do.
I don't wanna live a lie,
though that would hurt a lot less for you.
But because your words are not mine to take.
And I hope that you understand.
I'm sorry.

"say it again, I wanna hear it"
"I have seen 15 pairs of eyes today,
but my day doesn't starts,
until I have looked into your eyes"

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