Friday, May 15, 2009

The next thousand suns that passed

untouched by time, unfound by light
the minutes that took on this great flight
i wish i may, i wish i might
just make a wish like this tonight

these profound thoughts as they soar
a little higher, a little more
hunger devours the heart that bore
lying dreams and hopes that tore

stay here awhile, sit and wait
secrets imbowers upon our fate
ungiven, unsought, this life you take
and will the pouring of secrets you make

this silence holds on, unmoving and still
time still shudders with dreams unreal

I'll stop deluding myself.
I promise.

My mid-terms are so screwed.
My add-maths is screwed.
Will definately try not to emo over the competition.
I knew it was impossible.
But I thought I had a chance anyway. :)
So there, I've gave it my best shot.

There's chinese on monday. *gasps*
There's chem paper 3 on monday. *gasps even louder*
Gwen is having a very very bad headache.

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