Sunday, September 21, 2008

Which part exactly was it again?

How long more ought I to move
Towards the bright light that soothe
It calms my inner soul and sings
In soft tunes the wind he brings

The past is called upon again
Not where our sins were slain
But in the light of the brightest star
That lays across with none too far

Meadows were laid with red frills
Taste the life of which that trills
It'll come some day our time to spare
And up all night without hesitant care

I'll see you soon not knowing when
Like when the moon turns blue in hand
Fate is just another dowdy friend
But underestimate it not for it brings the end

It isn't the best but its what I could come up with so far. Lost all my inspirations lately. Its like standing by a cliff and tasting the wind, but then you tilt a little to taste a little more and you fall. Dont' know whether this is related to what I'm saying but no matter. =]

Went Ikano today after I felt much better.... Spend loads on new stationary. Decide to go green like Alethea. Had lunch/breakfast at ikea. Miss the meatballs they have there. hahaa. I could practically remininsce over such small details. Gonna repay that 16 hours used up yesterday for sleeping. 16 hours!! I know. Ai NI told me that a cat sleeps for 16 hours a day. hahaa. Wonder which part went wrong. =] At least I felt better today. Could actually walk on my two feet. Panadol ActiFast seriously works, but I'm not recommending you to try it. I choked twice trying to swallow it. Poor throat.

End of my weekend!!!

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