Saturday, September 13, 2008


Meet holly and kandy. Long forgotten dolls and pictures from the old days. They bring back memories that were long forgotten. Do you remember what happened 7 years ago? The life you've lead, and the road you tread on. Those worry-less times and all you could think of was to play and play. Nobody wants to grow up. Time can't be stopped after all. Life has to be walked upon like those yellow paved road. There will never be destinations but we drive ourselves to where each road leads. The only destination seeked is death. The end of all roads and the door to nothingness. Where what we have been through fades away to the background, leaving nothing in sight. But before we reach the end, the beauty of the journey is enjoyed in bliss and in pain. Where there are roads, there are bound to be rocks that cuts the skin. But there are also flowers of different shades and hues. Life is beautiful as it is ugly. And we have been blessed with this time, to be able to walk upon the road that only the those who gives and take, shares.

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