Tuesday, September 2, 2008

This one is for you

So there will be dreams to be be dreamt of, and wishes to be fulfilled. But will the actions go along with the instincts?? I don't think so.

Mum is still crazy with the mcdonald incident. I think she is still silently mending her broken heart. Finals is coming ever so soon. And I'm in love with breaking dawn. =]

I'm still having the same dream over and over again. It doesn't make sense, or is my unconscious self is trying to tell me something. Something that it seems, unable to be deciphered. I'm confused. So many colours and voices going all at once. I try to say something but nothing comes out. Its puzzling.

I'm missing you already, its been so short a time when we first met and got along together. I remebered always teasing you about your really really deep way of speaking english, especially when it comes to British english. You'd help me sometimes with my poor math skills and we'd laugh about it together. And then, we spent tons of our time talking about everything there was to talk about. Now, I barely see you and its been so long. I hold dear to those memories we've shared together eventhough they're slipping away. Like water trickling from my fingers onto the ground below. Absorbed and gone forever. You were there all the time, and I have appreciated that. You weren't just one, but many fused into one face. A special being not many sees. During those lonely times, I've always thought about you. And I want you to know that you will always remain a special part of me, one that will never leave no matter how time has swallowed whats left of our lives. Be happy eventhough you never needed that saying. =] I will find mine one day.

Until we meet again. I love you lots. Gratitude cannot express how much I thank you for your timeless presence and magic ways of putting that smile back on my tear-stained face. See ya, and remeber to get me souvenirs when I get back. You do know what I want right?? haha. Yes..you'd guessed it. Mat Salleh Candidates. X]

Remember to write back and hope that I can still survive without you. =] Enjoy and take care. This one is for you!!!!!

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