Saturday, September 6, 2008

Reality, definately is

Missed school and went out to have breakfast.


Dad which college did you attend?

Ohh, Taylors... I want to go there too.
It depends on what you want to learn.
I wanna learn language and arts.
Personally, I think you're not bright enough to take accountancy.
Accountancy teaches you all about money.
But I will have to take another extra subject.
Yea, you see uncle xxx took accounts and now he's a rich man.

Dad has never been so supportive of me. In my studies and my sport. None of my parents ever were. I hated him today for what he said. Was it so true?? NO! He's wrong, he is damn fucking wrong. Not bright enough??!!! Who gave him the fuckin right to say that. What does he know about me. Bitch.
I'm angry and I can't even talk to my mum about it, eventhough I know ahe won't be as harsh as dad. I hated him so so much. So now I know, what he really thinks of me.

My life still goes on as it is. So much pain.

And when will these end, eventhough I don't want them too. All the pain mixed up with good longing memories.
Because everytime, I do something, it just bring me back again. Swallowed by nostalgia, being pulled into time where everything was just the way they were and will forever remain. Now, I understood why people wants time to just stop there. At that very moment. Cause, we never want it to end.


wenyi said...

chill wei.your dad is completely wrong.what is wrong with parents nowadays?it is true that accountancy brings you a lot of money,but if we end up doing something we hate,what the heck we waste our talent for what?

-Ian- said...

Heyy. Has it ever occurred to you that your parents might be reading your blogg too...? Not that you have to care but ah well. Just wondering.

"Let live and live life"