Sunday, September 14, 2008

Unseen magic lingering in the air

The Moon
Looking down upon Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam

I love I love I love Bella's lullaby. Yes, his song captures the deepest soul. And in fact, I'm in love with the WHOLE Twilight soundtrack. Yes, I'm a piano kind of person. How could I avoid it when Dad has like 3 pairs of humongous (is that how you spell it?) speakers. And I think half the house is filled with songs like these. Go and download the songs now, you just can't miss it.

Today is the mooncake festival. Went to my cousin's house yesterday to see my grandma. Ended up burning caterpillars and playing with "snow". Actually its more of foam. hahaha.

Mum's homemade dragonfruit jelly mooncake. Theres also a pandan one and milo one and mango one. Yumm

I don't know what you call this in english but its lin kok in cantonese. Some kinf of horns thingi I think. Its actually a kind of kacang. I love eating them. Can you see the face of a teeth baring devil with eyes and ears. haha
Nikki - My cousin's dog. Body full of "snow"
Twilight soundtrack
River flows in you -Yiruma (bella's lullaby)
An apparrition in the fields - james horner
Clair De Lune - Debussy
Fix you - Coldplay
Go go listen to the songs.
Then tell me, what do you think about them...
Listen to them, and close your eyes. Imagine a field with warm sunshine pouring upon your face.
Feel the breeze flowing past you, kissing your face tenderly. Lift up your hands and try to touch the light above. Imagine butterflies fluttering past you, their wings painting colours of every different hue, and even those colours of the unnamed. Lie upon the soft grass, and lush green trees surrounding you. An enchanted place that envelopes you in the scent of fresh leaves and pines. Hear the sound of the stream flowing besides the music singing in your ears. The waters trickling by you, as you touch the cool liquid and let it trickle down your hand to your elbow. Forget the world outside. Forget the world above and below. You are in a dream, a dream no one else knows about. A secret waiting for you to embrace it yourself, as you slowly enter the world of unseen magic.


wenyi said...

ahhhh!!twilight!because of you!i am very obsessed with it!!river flows in you always rocked.yiruma ma!!

edward said...

haha.. go go go yiruma..
din intro wrong rite..=)