Saturday, September 27, 2008

As time goes on unknowingly, so must we...

Went tuition today, it was the usual-usual. Doing chinese work and all. Mel and I were fighting over ironman and batman and Edward Cullen. hahaa. Didn't find ironman very good-looking. But he is very old after all. Sorry, Mel. I think Christian Bale - Bruce Wayne is still the best. But he can't compare to Edward Cullen. =]

Its the hols people, and I'm on hold for three weeks. Absolutely no going out except when it comes to buying workbook, which I am later. Finals is coming. Three more weeks.... Study study..okayy okayy after I'm done blogging kayys.

Lucky lucky you I have no emo things to write today. Just feel like doing add maths and more add maths. No, don't back away, I'm still Gwen and definately sane. I've learned a new word from Mel today..hahaa. Wanna know what it is?? Static obsolete. Take a guess what it means.

Cause its us against the world,
Whats in us? A me and...

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Mel said...

*ehem* fine, we'll agree to disagree on that topic. x)

hahaha tuition doesn't have to be boring after all. ;D