Monday, September 22, 2008

define interesting

hello peeps.
Many many interesting things did happen at school today. well not ALL that interesting but still I think they could pass as interesting.
First, Nor Azah came in with a thunder cloud above her head and you can say on her face as well.
People are not doing their project. (but I did)
So one by one we're being sent to bilik AV to do project but I just followed for the fun of it. =]
Stayed there the whole time till recess. Was watching Raya and Kekwa gang making fun of Popiah. haha. I don't even know how to spell her name. Nyways, she was like screaming her head off when nobody said anything and when somebody tried to say something. Hahaa. Poor women, I wonder which part of the world ever suited people like her.

Recess, ran off to library with Juat to do some studying. Can you believe Gwen is spending her recess time at the library. Read for bout 15 minutes, when back down to class and went up to AV room again. Copied some work from the form fives on kerja amal, studied sejarah, slept a little...... yada yada.

Last bell rang, Time for Add maths.."yay".... People were like taking fire wood and rubbing them on the wall at MY CORNER.. Has people started turning their backs on technology already? So soon?? can I keep the air-con?? They were trying to make fire out of wood. I think they nearly succeeded.. there was smoke coming out of the wood. Smoke..I couldn't believe it too. wow. Bellrings, people standing round teratai...saying someone locked both their doors. hahaa. seriously. Pn sow was there. En Ravi S...l...o...w...l...y... made his way to our classroom, give a little life chatting again and then, off we go.
Pretty interesting isn't it. HAH. If I were dreaming. =]

Theres only one month to finals, people. Don't die out on me.

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