Friday, September 26, 2008

Had the rings of time just faded away, or it was just meant to be. Not here, siding me..

The world was in a silent turmoil, the earth struggling to surface as each rock just gets in the way. The creeping dust in the air floats about to finally settle on the ground. The chaos and the illusions were fighting within themselves instead of being drowned together in it. Darkness lifts up his hands, taking in all that he could take. He feeds on the lost hopes and unfulfilled dreams, then pick at it until we are drained of everything that was bright and good. How much more longer until we too, finally lay upon the dirt and be masked by sand and earth. And our memories will just shatter into a million tiny fragments... When they are being pieced together, they just fall apart all over again. Effortless... Was time just messing up with my mind, trying in vain for me to finally succumb to the dark and just remain there. Was fate trying to tell me over and over again that I have lost, stripped of all dreams and hopes. I want to fight but was all the work worth it still?? The pain inflicted was too harsh, but I still went on, thinking I had hope still, even when I know its all over. The struggle for water seeps through rocks, slowly trickling out of the soil into the sunlight. The beautiful sunlight that shines its rays upon us, and then within that fraction of time, everything disappears and all was dark again. Was the effort worth it, for just that short mere second of light. Maybe it was, and maybe I'd just rather not see the light and stop me from fighting for what I could never have. Maybe, and just maybe life would turn out right one day. And I would find my own place, where I'd belong. Just a place with endless sunlight and breeze whispering. And tall large trees swaying with the wind in a soft slow melody. I will just have to hold on and wait....

just gone forever

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