Saturday, September 20, 2008

Is like you frail body was set on fire

Ahhh. Yes that is the way I'm greeting people today. Wanna know why? Maybe its because I have come down with a fever. Feeling so tired all the time. Been sleeping the whole morning till now. My whole body is in pain. Arghhh...I will never ever ever ice-cream again.

Still working on the Yiruma piano piece. he is absolutely awesome =]

Mum took us out to Sunway Pyramid last Wednesday. The shops have definately changed. I've never been there for years. We got to eat TGIF again. Hahaa. I love the strawberry flings. =]

Well...nothing further to say, I'm gonna go back to sleep now and rest meself. Trust me you don't wanna be in my place.

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