Monday, November 22, 2010

Why'd they do this?
Why'd they ever have that thought at all?

Was all those months so worthless after all? And I stand here, trying to fight so hard.
To find my balance alone, and to work so hard just to earn your trust.

It's always been this way, and I guess that it'll never change.
Maybe I was meant to stand alone.
And I will live and die alone.

I rely on no one and no one relies on me.
I am on what I stand, I am my own two feet.
And I don't fucking need anyone of you.

It hurts, but there's no one to tell.
It burns, but there's no one to soothe the pain.
It scars, and there's no one to heal the wound.

I don't know if fighting all this makes me stronger, every painful step I take just pushes me lower and lower.
I'm angry and I'm tired of being angry.
you all can just leave me alone.
fuck all of you. I'm done.

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