Saturday, November 6, 2010

It hurts so bad just like I know that it would, but I'd do it again

Went back to Penang for a few days to check out the hotels where we are going for our internship. We as in Yi Ling, Zhen Hand and me. Smile

Spent two nights at my ahyee’s house and she brought us for dinner on the first day and took us to Batu Ferringhi.

Met up with Lauren and her mom and we all went shopping for stuff. (:

Anyway, had loads of fun and the hotels were really amazing. Too bad we didn’t bother to take many pictures of the hotel. Ate like pigs and enjoyed the scenery by the beach.

Just posted a few pictures cause I didn’t manage to be in many of them.



ZhenHan said...

you la... dont wanna take pic... always say dont wan.. dont wan.. hahahha

Estelle Cora Danette said...

but i memang dont want mahh. haha