Thursday, November 11, 2010

cause baby you’re like a firework


Some leftover pictures from last week. Had lunch with the "’family’’ at Tangerine. Apparently Claire was cooking for the day and so I wanted to try her food very much.   Smile


Had a crazy lot of fun and laughter first about the food, and the service too.


Celebrated Micheele’s and Brendon’s birthday at one go. We had to go back to Wong Kok. Its free milk tea !


Had lunch at Tangerine again, this time with Claire as the server. Ate Banana Leaf with the ‘’family’’ and the extended family too.

Our table got separated cause there was just too many of us in one pax. But we had our fun.


Exams are up tomorrow and I just haven’t got round to really studying yet. Imma so lazy !!

Went to Hartamas this morning to pick up my phone but the phone wasn’t there yet. Apparently, its still sitting at the service centre waiting for mummy to pick her up ! I’m coming baby !

Was on a crazy ride with Ben, Zhen Han and Yi Ling, trying to locate our way to hartamas. Almost got lost in TTDI ! But we found our way.

Didn’t get to see my old friends though, but I saw Joshep strolling about in Taylor’s lakeside campus library.  haha.

Till then, I need a bath and get down to study.

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