Wednesday, April 15, 2009

With your presence can I live through the monotomy of this life

Don't you just love these? :)
Pretty pretty butterflies.

Gwen is absolutely disappointed.
Absolutely, incredibly, undescribably disappointed.
Sure, she's felt disappointed many a time before.
But this was bad.
Okay fine it wasn't that bad. But it was quite a blow for me.
I guess I had too high hopes of myself.
Thanks anyway to the 25 or more people who helped in a way.

Gwen did not win the painting competition.
And teacher made her sit there alone for two hours under the boiling hot sun.
Couldn't write properly for a few hours.
Strained my arm muscles, supporting myself and painting at the same time.
There's a big ugly purple bruise on my back now and it hurts.
Oh crap.
And thank you to whoever you are that left a plaster on my seat.
Had a cut on my finger yesterday but no plaster. :)

Wenyi, I'm sorry your bola baling team didn't turn out right.
But I guess it was a good try right?
Gwen can become a potential fortune teller.
Told you they will pokai. LOL
At least in a game.
Lose one, draw one, win one.
How did you know the results so quickly anyway.
Sorry for being stingy, but at least it benefit me and someone else. Indirectly...
;) smile.

Gwen feels very happy.

This is to all APRIL babies. And Whitney. :)

would i say this much,
of words that mean as such
on a blue inked dusty day
would turn these mulled thoughts a little less grey

the bright sun smiles right from beyond
bringing with it rays that shone
to hide all irate clouds that stayed
painting the sky a brighter shade

just these words i bid to you
of innocuous wishes and small pranks too
a little older each moment, a little older with time
a little wiser each second, with the winds they sigh

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