Saturday, April 18, 2009

I hate you and everything about you

Chinese tuition teacher was doing some energy transfering thingi.

You stupid stupid STUPID ungrateful pig.
And thats all I have to say to you.

Gwen will be limping for the next two weeks.
Haih.. so much for cursing other people.
Will promise to be good.

Stayed up to watch sleepy hollow yesterday.
The Tim Burton directed movie.
I guess it was okay and a little funny at the same time.
But there were really scary parts too.
Johnny Depp is truly an amazing actor. :)

Lets see... I have about two more weeks to finish my art project.
And then there's exams coming.
Oh, and the moral project.
And her birthday dinner. :]

Pluss.. Gwen can't walk properly.
Doesn't that just adds to the list.

Zubaidah walked out of class yesterday.
We even managed to make her, pn. zubaidah, walk out of class.
Now isn't that something.

The goodness of cuppacakes!
For viewing purposes only: Control your desire for licking the screen.

A Happy Birthday to NgJaz. An insolence of demeanor.
Cupcakes again? As usual.
You are definately in debt of owing me two birthday presents.

Next up is Whitney Kok.
The ever roving chatter box.
Bet you can't wait.

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