Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Second or nothing

Today, was the first time Gwen went out of school for competition.
Represented school in competition.
That definately sounds good in my college application.
It may not be much. But at least theres something. =]

Okay, we arrived at school waiting in the lobby for a missing member and a missing teacher.
Then, teacher appears asking us to grab pelaka and extremely big brushes.
And the missing member appears too.
And off we are to arena MBPJ.
Had last minute discussion in Puan Nor Azah's car.
Arguing on how to draw parthenons and pyramids.

The, we reached school.
Had time to observed competitor and their really geeky competitive looks.
High socks and big bags of paint with objects as models.
They really DO wanna win.
Oh well.

5 minuted before competition.
briefing: title is sains and teknologi asa keutuhan ekonomi negara
4 hours
5 kerjaya.

The title got so long mehh??
4 hours ahhh???
Kerjaya? what is kerjaya??
Yea, so basically made many MANY last minute decisions.
Change the whole bottom of the picture.
Modified the banner to fit an extra of 4 words.
Modified the banner to seem more negara-ish.

Took out everything.
OMG, no place to put water, no yellow paint.
Oh, crap. Whatever larr.
Sits there on the dirty floor painting for 4 hours straight.
While listening to alethea's neverending whining. :)
Painting a banner for 4 hours can be quite an interesting thing.

Finally finished everything and took time to enjoy the masterpiece. So called.
Got ready for prize giving ceremony.
And I think this was the funniest part of the whole day.
When it was the banner prize giving time, all four of us held hands.
We said, its second or nothing. second or nothing. No first no first.
And then......
We WON SECOND. hahaa.
We practically screamed and jumped out of our seats and ran up the stage.
People were looking at us like we were crazy. Only second what....
Why not first? Who would want to go over this again.
First has to go to compete again in peringkat daerah or something like that.
And four hours of painting on the floor is not something easy to do. Seriously.

And then the day is over.
And Gwen has another competition coming up.
Next week.
Dadah poster.


I can't. I just can't do it anymore.
I try to hide everything, but everything just leads back to you.
I try to close my eyes, hoping your image would just fade.
But it just keep coming back.
I hide, so I wouldn't see that happy face.
But how much longer could I hide?
I wanna run.
But your words pull me back.
What am I suppose to do?
Do I still have to find my own fairytale?
Or maybe these were just dreams.
Nothing more.

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