Sunday, April 26, 2009

If it was only but a dream

Your words no longer hold the solace I need.
Their empty and hollow.
And they hold no meaning.
How could you.
You think that I would just follow your words,
like silly sheeps following the wooden staff of the shepherd.
This is not working out.
I'm sorry.

If this could be but a dream, a speck of life in this solemn reality.
Because if this forbidden secret would only let me go,
I would try to break free.

Went to TGI Fridays for Whitney's birthday dinner.
Didn't sat there for long, cuz we went to book tickets to the the uninvited.
Had bites, paid bills and left.
This was the scary part.
I thought the movie was not bad, and it was okay.

we were already running late and the movie started..

I pushed back the curtains to go in and then I saw this dead women's head turned to stare at the screen. I screamed and ran out.

The whole movie was so twisted but I guess it was okay.
Me and Yinky did most of the screaming that night.
It was damn friggin scary.
I think if there wasn't any chair handle bars separating us,
I'd probably use Yinky to cover my face.
I saw a man in the couple seat next to me who was practically sittin on his girlfriend. LOLs

It was THAT scary. Though Leanne watched it like it was cartoon.

Had music blastin through my ears at high volume.
The flashes on screen between my lids really scared me.
I kept looking at Yinky who was I guess as afraid as I am.
Never watch a horror movie at night.
I don't even wanna post up the picture of the movie poster.

Couldn't sleep the whole night.
Ended up reading sejarah till I dozed off.
Which didn't lasted very long.

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