Saturday, April 25, 2009

Against all the oddities of this world

I don't know whether what I did was right or not.
Had I really made the right decision?
Was it real, or was it just another lie?
But how long could I still hold up.

I'll try my best, for his sake and mine.
So both wouldn't hurt, at the same time.

I'm sorry but you have to give me time.

Can you still hope when you know that everything's hopeless for you?
But can you give someone else hope eventhough you know it's hopeless?

Everything is gone.
Every hope I had disappeared, and vanished.
You had everything.
And you'd still want to grab ever last hope I have.
I fuckin hate you.
You think you have everything when you don't.
All you do was leech on someone else until, they walk away...
Leaving you buried in the mud.
You're nothing, but the air that moves around you.
And the mud that swirls on the ground.
You feed on someone else, until there's nothing to feed on.
Stand up, and see who you are.
Nothingness, only the silver streak of light reflected in the mirror.

Even though you have everything I could never have.
I'm still glad that I'm not you.

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