Sunday, April 5, 2009

All I can do is just hope

Will not post up about family day. It was a disastrous. Thats one way to put it.
But then I guess it was okay too.
Saw Tan Ying. :)
Its been a long time.
Is having short hair THAT surprising. Its not even really that short.
Is it?

BTW, Mrs Chee knows Lee Hom's mother. OMG.
Yea, that was our reaction when we were talking about him.

Mrs Chee(art teacher)
Student 1
Student 2
Student 3

You know Lee Hom's new song is damn awesome.
Yes, its the xin tiao and everything right?
I love everything.
He damn yeng.
I wanna go to his concert.
Eh? You all know Lee Hom ah.
Teacher he so talented.
I know his mother.
*student 1,2,3 Stares at her in shock*
She took us out for korean bbq.
*continue to stare in awe*
Teacher... you ... know Lee Hom's mother.
Yea. We went to Taiwan and the mother took us out.
He actually quite sissy wan.
Teacher he not gay larr.
But he is quite sissy. He treats us old ladies well.
And the way he talk and move quite sissy.
OMG... *silence continues.*
Teacher, take us to Taiwan this year end.
I think he'll be quite busy.
Teacher nevermind, we just call his mum can already.
Yes, then we can see him.

the story the lion and the jewel is really an interesting story.
go read it up.

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