Friday, April 10, 2009

A little closer to home

Good luck to all bola baling people.
To Wen, seriously wei.. don't stress so much. I know you're the captain but that doesn't mean tht you have to go round chasing everybody's needs okay... Especially hers.
So chill out.

Oh. Happy birthday to Tam Sheren. Or so known as TamTam chocolate.
Have a great one this year. :)

Poster competition next Wednesday. Three hours and a half.
May God be with me then.
My back bone and legs are gonna die half way through. I can guarantee that.
Am still battling the thought of whether to go to school tomorrow or not.
There's all those bola bola practices.
OMG. There's physics tomorrow.
Wait, I'll be seeing Puan Nor Liza for the art thingi tomorrow.
Shall go during Physics period. :)
Yes, you can't deny that Gwen is awfully smart and sly.

Gwen is now addicted to watching true blood.
Its waaaay better than twilight.
And Bill Compton is a way better vampire than Edward Cullen.
Although Kirsten Stewart is a much prettier actress but Sookie can still pass for a vampire's girlfriend.
He's hott.
Thou shall not crave thy neighbor. :)

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