Sunday, July 27, 2008

No words to be placed

Saturday, school was horribly horribly borrring .... Half of the school didn't come and I was there stoning most of the time. Had Han Han for company though.... :) Derrick and Edmund and Justin and Tak Kwin and ...gang were strumming the guitar practically the whole day. Well, except when Pn Zubaidah walked in the class. Was hearing songs and well, really soft singing.. =]
Didn't do much or even accomplished much yesterday. Had to attend chinese tuition after school somemore. I need my sleep!!!! Went for dinner like usual and to 1u to buy some stationaries. I'm going purplish cazy!! I'm purple fetish.xp
Jie, are you okay??
What?? whats wrong??
No its just....that your stuff are all in purple
Even I'm not that crazy for red
I just like the colour

No... I'm not THAT purple crazy
So thats about sums up what i did yesterday.

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