Sunday, July 6, 2008

Estranged by your absence

So much has changed in those past few months. The good and bad parts were all nstalgic to what we've all been enduring now. Patience, hardships, and hidden truths and broken secrets were all pushed to its very limits. Enduring that pain was the least I could do and still go on with life. Sometimes I wonder is there anyone who has never have to go through all this, unnecessesary emotional events. They burn through your memory and leaves a scar that may never fade with time. And though I know of the consequences of what my actions will eventually bring later, I never regret what I had did and what I had gone through. Sometimes, the pain may be too immense that I just couldn't hold myself in and all those mistakes people make of me just gets to me. I may not just be everything, but I may not be nothing too. I thought everything will change for the better but it seemed that I was wrong. Everything in the past was unfolding itself slowly all over again. Will I just be ready to go through the nightmares laid beyond each step I've taken?

I'm still surviving in my new add maths tuition full of DJ people.. arghhh. Add maths...Can't wait for cheer next week. lols. Been piling myself up with homework. Cousin finally came down from Shah Alam and went out on a shopping spree together. Ohh, dads back from Bangkok. Finally after 3 weeks, I could finally kiss the tv again. Three whole weeks, who could survive that long. =]
Manage to see Wen and Ai NI's performance. She was shivering like crazy but overall their performance were awesome....

" I can't believe after all this time, I still want you "

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