Sunday, July 27, 2008

Whats left of me

Whats left of me
Is all unseen
As I start to fade
The light turns to a dark shade
I won't try to understand whats happening now.
I don't even want to know whats going on right now.
Everything is so screwed up
Suddenly, everything becomes too clear. The acts, the moves. Maybe, this will help me realize, help me to stop hurting myself. I can't bear to look. I can't bear to watch. Its too much to hold on to at once.
Theres nothing else to say, nothing else to do. I'm just numb.
That feeling, this feeling... is like treading on shattered mirrors, each fragment glitters under the sun, drawing blood as you walk over each broken shards of glass. and having the sunlight beating down against your eyelids, prying them open, forcing their way in eventhough you try to shut them out.
Being shut away in a black box, with only an illuminating light to hold on to, the rest is darkness.
these things i concealed
could never be revealed
and when i lay down everything
the morning had gradualed into evening

i find things i never understood
eventhough i've tried everything i could
the day was long as it is now
its mechanical works i don't know how

music streamed through these strings
hear it clear and soft as it rings
face the skies with its billowing wind
it brush your face and hair and sing

these assumptions were never clear
they were all never even near
woven memories come back here
drowning my thoughts with consceince clear

i see and hear and feel you presence
they've always brought strange liaisons
and as they fade gently away
the thoughts that lingered finally lay

in the end it all just cease to move
another troubled mind to soothe
so wrecked were these decisions made
these passionate words that they create

so when will it all crumble down
and then cave in without a sound
the absince estarnged by grains of sand
and it will end as it began

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