Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Dragonfly Dreams

Cheer 08 is this Saturday and please do come by any means possible.
Though I know that there are some who doesn't support Trixxon and think its too expensive (can't help agreeing on that fact ) just come by LRT. Or whatever transport besides trixxon bus that exists out there. Blitzerz is getting on very well and I certainly hope that things will get better this year.
We're all here for you guys!!!
I sit by the stands silently watching the loud chants and quick movements across the path. Many thoughts crossed my mind at once. What if I was there? What if I was cheering out loud with them? Everyday, everytime I hear that loud chants, I can't help but wishing I was with them. Basking in every last moment I have worked hard for. But now everything is different. I am no longer part of that. Its all over.

melancholic dreams of words that seems
a little too far and distances too dim
upon the light that flickered at night
with nervous tingles of bugs that took flight
the rippling sound of crashing wings
of bloddy hues with yellow tints
and as they hummed an echoing height
their bodies crumble beneath that light
you think you know you've seen them all
the sights and sounds of that loud call
the senses that you never knew
unused and wasted like falling dew
the feelings of such on a rainy day
the clouds are hinted with blue and grey
raindrops pattered upon the earth
its soil so fertile with warm hearth
young shoots glistened with sparkling drops
and heavy with dew the dandelion flops
its young petals still fresh from the day
and then it is picked from where it lay
some journey is ended without a hope
and some still never knew how to cope
with hardships that sauntered along the way
all is well that ends well, is what they say

Secrets kept hidden beneath dark unmoving eyes..

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