Monday, July 14, 2008

Do you hear the spirit within? scream Blitzerz!

Yes here I am people. Back and exhausted from cheer where all the screaming and overflowing emotions drained me. Throat was a little coarse but I still can scream like a woman on the run. =] Blitzerz did great in both days. All were at their very best, arriving for make-up in school in the morning. And then left early for cheer. Had practice and when they start screaming on the mat, the crowd goes wild. hahaa. It was real fun. And yes eventhough we may not won anything and was very very disappointed, at least they've brought the name back up. For the first time, we were outnumbered by the supporters of Convent Bukit Nanas, I'll bet you know who is Xaviers. =] Yea that school. They pretty much deafened my ear on both days. And yea there were many more things that happened but I think I shall just keep them as memories to myself. Cheer was the best thing that has ever happened in my life. And eventhough I may not be one anymore, deep inside, I'm still one heck of a loud cheerleader. Okayy, I shall let pictures do the talking or as what they say, pictures speak a thousand words. So there'll probably a few ten thousand words on my blog already. See ya next year!!!!!!!

The ever great KY who still came eventhough she was in no condition to walk.

And here is my life's teacher, and best friend. Wenyi!!!!

My crazily-mad-awesome cheer partner, Joo Yi
The cute Crystal, famous for quote "Ai-yerrrr"

Here's fun and happy-go-lucky Eunice Mayonaise!!!

Here's Ashley Puan, my cheer junior!! =]
SMKBUD(4)'s proud supporters.....the sea of blue

Tham and Ashley... All smiles!!!

Who could forget JC Wong and of course Lim Ai Ni
"Us against the world"

Consisting of Sue Ann, Vin Yi and Amanda Leong =]

The othere side of me, Lim Ai Ni.

Lai Yee, Tham , Eunice, Joo Yi

I Love Michael Valentine, Hot Hot Hot cheerleader!!!!!

Pretty american judges

I was so wrong about you

I thought you were different

But you are just the same as others

I was a fool

For losing everything for nothing

No more will I fall into the same trap again

Never again


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