Friday, July 11, 2008

I different side of me

Yes tomorrow is cheer.. Its goin to be over so soon and theres nothing else to look forward to..
Well, besides exams but who will wanna look forward to exams. hahaa.

Am a little excited about tomorrow eventhough theres nothing to be excited about. I'll bet half of the supporters will probably wriggle away after Blitzerz performance. Well, still thanks for the support. Got to be up and early tomorrow. Can't wait to see them take homw something to make up for the dissappointment last year. Too bad I couldn't contribute much. But still, I think that being a supporter is still contributing something.

Sometimes life might not be what you thought it would
And most of the time it wouldn't go your way
But everytime you tell yourself its going to be great
It just goes wrong
You may not be wanted by anyone nor will you want anyone either
Its the need to try and fit in to where ou actually belong
But you can't
A sea of familiar faces
But none of them recognisable at all
Some may keep your trust and then let loose of them
The trust unpromised and forsakened
Taken for granted
And the world lives on like that

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