Sunday, July 3, 2011

a typical Sunday


Went down to KL four times today. 
As in literally 4 times. 
As in home to KL then home to KL then home to KL etc..
Am so tired and exhausted to the point I don't feel like eating.
And my stomach is crying out really loud.

Went home at 4 in the morning yesterday.
Yes, it was crazyy. 
Dropped by downtown in the wee hours of the morning with a friend.

somtimes, things just don't turn out the way you plan it would.
you won't know what is going on until it shows in the end.
like a secret, it floats around you.
swirling and turning above your head, mocking you.

I won't know how this would end.
And I don't write this story.
I am sick of being disappointed to be unable to reach the ending I want.
I may hold the pen to my own life, but the consequences of the actions I create, I can't control.
So for once, I leave the pen in fate's hand.
And I let it point to me where I should go.


Decisions decisions decisions. 
So many paths to choose. But which way is the right one. 
There is no way of knowing what lies at the end. 
So do I walk, or do I give up my journey and turn around. 
Because once I turn around, I know I can never look back. 


I need a little magic to guide me. 
And so far through this journey, you've guided me. 
You made me realise that I am worth it. That I can be all that I can be. 
I just wonder how far will that faith last. 

But for once, I am willing to wait. 
And see how this ending turns out to be. 


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