Friday, July 15, 2011

Because this has been going on and on and on my whole life. 
How could you think that I was sensitive, just because you were suddenly cold towards me. 
I am human. And I am your friend. 
And you can't just treat me like that. 

I don't know what your fucking reason is behind all this.
But it hurts me, and more than that, it makes me doubt where we stand now. 

I just can't understand.
It's like I was born to go through this every stage of my life. 

Who would really be there for me, when they say they would. 
Who would really understand me, when they said that it's all okay. 

So much lies. 

To think that you treat me like some piece of dirt. 
Like I'm a dog you threw out on the street, begging for you to take me back again. 
Who are you to think that way. 
If I was so petty to you, then so be it. 

I don't need you and your fucking little attitudes. 
I don't need you and all your fucking little secrets. 
I don't need you and all that we have been. 

No. I am human. And I have a value too. 
Too long have I been pushed.
Too long have I bear all your stupid acts of selfishness. 

I am not like her. 
So why treat me like her. 
Have I mistreated you in any way that you would have to return the favour?

It sucks feeling like this. 
Oh wait, you wouldn't know how that feels. 
I've always cleared the path for you, and encouraged you. 
But the times we've spent forging our friendship just comes apart all of  sudden. 

Maybe she was right, and she will be all along. 
Humans are unstable things. 
It's like everyone is a ticking bomb, which you wouldn't know when it will blow.
I am tired trying to feel so sorry for myself. 
Trying to cope with the fact that I was alone. That no one out there was worthy enough to listen. 

Have you tried putting me first? 
if you have, then speak up. if you don't, then better shut the hell up. 

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