Friday, July 15, 2011

Practice practice and more practice.

MONIN 2011. 
was one of the most epic days of my life. 
Competed at Berjaya in the mocktail competition
Also known as bartending competition. 
Leftover pictures from that day.
I only hope finals will be so much better. 

All my ever crazy bunch of supportive friends. 
So stressed out lately with internship and competition going on.
there just isn't enough time to practice or do anything else. 
I am so tired to the point that I am almost nodding off when I'm working. 

work is just well... 
I hope it gets better each day. 
Sitting in the lobby doing reports and assigning rooms is difficult
Because I'm in Westin, and every small mistake I make will change the whole system.
It's like a domino effect. 
I'm still trying to get used to everything. 
but until then, I hope everything will turn out fine. 

Am so glad to be home after so long. 
Miss being alone in solitude and having my own private moment to think. 
Competition has been putting on alot of stress on us.
And I hope we can make this through.  

I am soo sleep deprived lately, my face is turning haggard looking.
And there's this BIG pimple on my nose. ARGH !!!   FML.
Yes, I do care about my face.
Am going to take lots of rest today and start work tomorrow.
At least Wawa will be there.   :)
She makes work seem more pleasant.  
and and and. the 'mother' is not there.  (guest experience manager)

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