Tuesday, July 26, 2011

i hate working

My off day is finally here.
I hope work starts to get more bearable.
Am constantly dozing off to sleep in the lobby at my desk.
*i hope no one notices the fact that i'm nodding off*

another thing to learn yesterday, never to stand near the counter when there's alot of people.

i hate it everytime she calls my name. 
everytime that she screams out loud like i'm deaf. 
and the way she complains that i have an attitude problem
what is it you fucking want from me.
i miss penang all the more.
the time i spent alone, enjoying every single minute was bliss. 
this to me is like pure hell. 
i stress at work. and when i come home, there's more to stress about. 
just that few more months.
just for that few more semesters and i'm gone. 
and i swear i won't miss home. 

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