Friday, May 20, 2011

not just another briefing

I have so much to rant about right now.

I've had barely enough sleep for the past few days and right now I'm as cranky as hell.

Just came back from my service class and got reprimanded like hell by the lecturer.
I can't say it's his fault, neither can I fully take the blame.
But what he said had hurt a little.
I was always telling myself that I can do better.
Constantly pushing myself to learn from my mistakes, and to be stronger.
Forever reminding myself that I can do great things, if only I would walk towards it.

Still I can't say I'm perfect. Though I try my best to aim for the top.
I can still do great thing, if only I was stronger.

Sometimes, they give me credit for what sounds like another me.
Compliments come and go, but I could never take them.
I've always humbled myself, willing to watch and listen in silence.
Always stepping out of the way for someone else to shine.

But now it's all different. I'm trying to stand up taller.
I'm trying to fight for my own words, and my own thoughts.
I am trying so hard to become the lion, a metamorphosis from the frightened cat who stood in no one's way.

Life's becoming different. And all the opportunities are being thrown at me.
Now, it's all up to me whether I would pick them up or not.

He says I'm always so disobedient.
He picks on the smallest mistake I make.
He points me out and tell me I'm wrong.
And he never looks up to me.

I know what I can do.
I know what I can achieve in a foreign environment.
I know the people, and their sly ways.
And I know the right path to choose.

I choose now to better myself.
To fight for what I deserve.
And I don't have to prove to anyone what I can do.
Because if I can do it, then it'll shine through.

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