Monday, May 23, 2011

Bottle Flaring

One of the most amazing tricks and juggling entertainment I've seen.
Juggling GLASS bottle in the air with only two hands.
And the things people can do with just plain glass bottles.
Pictures below are basically what flaring is for those who don't know.

Yes, I'm dead beat and I just came back from a three hours flaring session.
We did nothing but throw bottles around all night.
And the experience was so amazing. 

Life is honestly getting more and more exciting for me. 
This whole week has been piled up with activities, I hope I can keep up with all my work.
I'm trying to expose myself to so many new things.
Trying to open up my world, trying to learn and learn and learn.

Because I don't want to be the old me anymore.
I don't want to be afraid of everything.
And I don't want to be afraid of my past anymore.

The next time I see my past flash before, I'll smile and say: ITS TOO BAD YOU CANT KEEP UP.

Assessments tomorrow. Dinner at Hoof tomorrow. 
Awesome term ever ! 

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