Saturday, May 7, 2011

do you still feel like you know what you're doing?

Next week is like a whole week of torture for me. 
Mid term assesments for almost all the subjects.
Followed by deadlines for projects. 
I swear my eye bags are back to haunt me.

Forum event next Monday with Mid term asessment for malaysian studies. 
I really need a break. GAH !

Then there's food science project due monday. 
Oh man, where has all the time gone to?

Attended group 4's buffet dinner service in like 3 terms. 
Actually had tons of fun. 
Was laughing like we were so drunk.
And we'd barely ate eventhough it was a buffet.
Food was extremely good though.  :)
All and all a great night. 

Westin called.  
Can't wait for the interview.   :)

I didn't know people started pealing their scabs once their bored.
Because I am. 
I am stubbornly peeling that large scab that was healing the wound of my past.
I was always the third party.
Always the one who was not good enough.
Always the one, whose fate was not here yet. 
I am starting to doubt myself.
And I'm starting to doubt if I'd ever heal. 

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